Jonathan Bailor

In the BETTER© movie, Jonathan Bailor — Founder of Wellness Engineering and New York Times Bestselling author — exposes the lie at the heart of the diet and exercise industry. This lie says your body is stupid and that the only way to lose weight is to starve your body. Fifteen years of research proved to Jonathan that this was not only untrue, but it was actually increasing rates of obesity and diabetes (Diabesity).

But long before Jonathan discovered this shocking truth, he watched his beloved grandfather succumb to diabetes. In the BETTER© movie, Jonathan Bailor shares how his grandfather’s tragic death compelled him to find a BETTER way to eat, think, and live that reverses the causes and symptoms of diabetes and obesity (Diabesity).

Jonathan’s grandfather had been his hero, his “Superman.” To the young Jonathan, his grandfather could do anything, defeat any foe…until diabetes defeated him. The BETTER© movie features a poignant dramatization of young Jonathan, sitting in the hallway of a hospital, hearing his grandfather scream…

“Don’t let them take my leg!!!”

hospital scene better movie

Amputation is a common complication of diabetes. His grandfather kept his leg but lost his life.

This heartbreaking loss led the adult Jonathan to investigate the root causes of obesity and diabetes (diabesity). And what he found turned the diet and fitness industry on its head. None of what Jonathan learned — what we have ALL learned — about weight loss is true or effective. In the BETTER© movie, Jonathan Bailor boldly explains a scientifically proven but SHOCKING concept: eating less and exercising more is NOT the way to permanently lose weight. In fact, this can destroy your weight loss efforts and make you heavier in the long run!

Watch as Harvard Medical School doctors, along with testimonials of everyday Americans, describe the pain and frustration of the “calories in, calories out” model and provide a proven, practical, and enjoyable alternative.

It doesn’t get any BETTER than this!!!