Jean Simmons


Sick. Lonely. Living in the dementia ward of a nursing home. After learning a BETTER way, Jean lost 62 pounds — in her late 70s!!!– regained her mind and left the nursing home!

Do you think automatic weight loss is impossible?

We don’t blame you. Like everyone else, you’ve probably been taught — and know from your own experience — that losing weight is hard. There is nothing easy or automatic about it.

To lose weight, the “experts” tell you, you have to really work at it. You have to count the calories of every food you eat or think of eating while exercising like crazy.

You also have to…well…starve yourself. Starvation is the only way you’ll be able to force your body to burn fat, the “experts” also tell you. (By starvation, we mean dropping your calorie intake below what your body needs.)

What these “experts” never really tell you is that starving your way to slim never keeps you slim. Everyone who has ever gone on a starvation-type diet knows this to be true.

How many times have you lost 20 or 30 pounds, only to gain it all back plus a dozen more pounds after you go off the diet? Probably too many times to count. Right?

Well…that was then.

Today is a new day.

Hundreds of thousands of people have achieved automatic weight loss by following the simple plan outlined in The Setpoint Diet book.

The plan is so effective that Woman’s World magazine featured the setpoint diet as their success story of the week. Woman’s World not only details the diet, but it also tells the stories of three women who used the setpoint diet to achieve automatic weight loss.

BETTER Movie Jean Simmons & Setpoint Diet

One of them, 80-year-old Jean Simmons, was living in a nursing home when she discovered Jonathan Bailor’s setpoint diet.

Wanting to experience automatic weight loss, she asked the nursing home staff for help in increasing vegetables and protein in her diet.

Within five months, she dropped 50 pounds, regained her strength, and left the nursing home.

Today, Jean is physically active, healthy and happy.

Jean’s story is not unique. The automatic weight loss that she and hundreds of thousands of people have experienced can also be yours.