BETTER Movie and Holistic Health

holistic health

Did you know that the BETTER© Movie is for Holistic Health, and not just for diabesity? It’s true! You see, the dietary and lifestyle issues revealed in this movie can positively affect your overall health.

Holistic Health & Better Movie

In the BETTER© movie, founder of Wellness Engineering and New York Times Bestselling author Jonathan Bailor shares the tragic story of his beloved grandfather’s death from diabetes. Though devastating, this tragedy inspired Jonathan to find a better way to eat, think, and live that reverses the causes and symptoms of diabetes and obesity (Diabesity).

Jonathan conducted 15 years of research into the causes of diabesity. He pored through hundreds of dry clinical research studies. He read articles in medical journals. He interviewed dozens of doctors and scientists. And what he discovered SHOCKED him.

He found that:

  • Eating more doesn’t make you fat.
  • Eating fat doesn’t make you fat.
  • All calories are NOT equal.

And much more.

Put simply, Jonathan found that everything he had learned about weight loss and diabetes was wrong! In the BETTER movie, he exposes the lies that led to the ineffective “calories in, calories out” model and provides a scientifically proven, easy, and stress-free alternative to starvation dieting.

The BETTER© movie also features expert interviews on-location at Harvard Medical School with Dr. David Ludwig, Dr.JoAnn Manson, Dr. Kirsten Davison, and Dr. John Ratey. You’ll also hear from everyday people who replaced their dieting woes and failures with a BETTER© way…and witnessed miraculous changes in their bodies and their health.

BETTER© offers a proven path toward living by introducing revolutionary methods to lower the body weight “Setpoint” through evidence-based solutions that everyone can use to prevent and reverse many of today’s most common diseases. It is a holistic approach to health and wellness that is easy to understand and adapt to your lifestyle, and it’s highly effective. So, be sure to catch the BETTER© Movie. Your health will thank you!