BETTER Movie © Heroes

The BETTER movie features a number of empowering success stories.

Fifteen BETTER© movie Cast members flew in from different parts of the country and met with Jonathan Bailor in Seattle. They were of different ages, came from different backgrounds, and had different stories to tell. But they all had one common goal: a burning desire to share their pain and struggles — and ultimate triumphs — over losing weight so that YOU don’t have to suffer!

Like millions of other people, they had struggled for years trying to lose weight using the inefficient “calories in calories out” model of weight loss. It had left them heavier, sicker, and filled with shame. Until they learned a better way of eating, thinking, and living presented in Jonathan Bailor’s BETTER© documentary movie and endorsed by top doctors at Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, the Cleveland Clinic, and the Mayo Clinic.

In the BETTER© movie, you’ll hear from 18 inspiring real-life success stories including:

  • Jean Simmons: Sick. Lonely. Living in the dementia ward of a nursing home. After learning a BETTER way, Jean lost 62 pounds — in her late 70s!!!– regained her mind and left the nursing home! Watch Jean’s BETTER story.
  • Jean Simmons Sam tells how a life-long struggle with weight led to his shocking type 2 diabetes diagnosis and how it spurred him to find a BETTER way. Spoiler alert: he quickly and easily lost 100 pounds and reversed his diabetes! Watch Sam’s BETTER story
  • Christine Mattice: Tells about her own battle with weight plus the heartbreaking story of caring for her obese husband as type 2 diabetes slowly ravaged his body before killing him. If she had known a BETTER way, she says, she could have saved his life!

These and other BETTER© movie cast members give a face to a deadly epidemic called diabesity (obesity + diabetes). Featuring expert interviews on-location at Harvard Medical School with Dr. David Ludwig, Dr. JoAnn Manson, Dr. JoAnn Manson, Dr. Kirsten Davison, and Dr. John Ratey, the BETTER© movie will show you a proven, practical, and pleasurable alternative to calorie restrictive dieting. It could save your life or the life of someone you know.