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BETTER Movie Features Harvard Doctors

In the BETTER© movie, Harvard doctors “weigh” in on the fallacy of the “calories in, calories out” and “all calories are created equal” model of weight loss. And what they have to say is empowering. BETTER Movie Harvard Doctors? Did you know that dramatically slashing calories is the worst thing you can do for your […]

Better Movie and Diabesity

If you haven’t heard about the BETTER© movie diabesity documentary, you’ll be hearing a lot about it — soon! And you’ll need to watch this movie, as it reveals SHOCKING information that could save your life or the life of someone you know. BETTER Movie & Diabesity Did you know… Obesity is a major risk […]

Where to Stream the BETTER Movie

If you’re wondering where to stream the BETTER© movie, you’ve come to the right place. Stream BETTER Movie: Using streaming services is one of the best ways to enjoy this amazing transformational movie. For your convenience, we’ve made the BETTER© movie available on a variety of platforms. The BETTER© movie will be available for pre-order […]