The BETTER© Movie: What It’s About

Founder of Wellness Engineering and NYTimes Bestselling author Jonathan Bailor shares how personal tragedy led him to dedicate his life to finding a better way to eat, think, and live that reverses the causes and symptoms of diabetes and obesity (Diabesity).

Featuring expert interviews with Dr. David Ludwig, Dr. JoAnn Manson, Dr. Kirsten Davison, and Dr. John Ratey, along with intimate testimonials of everyday Americans, we see the pain and struggle of the old-fashioned and ineffective “calories in, calories out” model, expose the lies that led to it, and provide a proven, practical, and pleasurable alternative.

BETTER Movie culminates in offering a proven path toward better living by introducing revolutionary methods to lower the body weight “Setpoint” through evidence-based solutions that everyone can use to optimize their current diet (ex. keto, vegan, paleo, kosher, etc.) to prevent and reverse many of today’s most common diseases.

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Eat, Think, Live BETTER With Better Movie:

Imagine BETTER as a Cinematic TED Talk. It is “An Inconvenient Truth” meets Brene Brown meets transformative inspiration.

This is not just a food documentary, nor is it just a story of one man’s journey to dietary excellence.

This is a story of empowerment by every means necessary. It is only by changing our approach that we can change the world.

What To Expect When You Watch BETTER©

BETTER presents an emotional narrative examining the claim that every action, thought, and food choice can control or reverse deadly diseases, including obesity and diabesity.

Investigating holistic approaches that integrate the body, mind and emotional systems, the film challenges the outdated idea that disease and weight can be controlled by eating less and exercising more.

According to the doctors in the film, what we eat, how we think, even who we socialize with can affect our health in profound and newly discovered ways.

BETTER shines a light on the search for a simpler, more effective path, a new way of eating, thinking, and living presented and endorsed by not only top Ivy League doctors, but also #1 New York Times bestselling authors as well as vegan, paleo, and keto experts.

Attempting to end the “diet wars,” BETTER asks the critical question:

What if there were a “unified theory” of eating and living that cures not just diabetes and obesity, but also aims to end the shame and pain caused by the wellness industry?

Is there a BETTER way to live? BETTER tries to answer this question by following the doctors leading this revolution and features intimate portraits of everyday Americans as they explore ways to decrease the dependence on medications and shame based diets.